Red October

I search for things plus many more. I aim for my photos to represent this with their ethereal visuals and daunting undertones paired with the repetitive imagery and symbols and era-less environments and attire. I direct my models (all of whom are close friends) by letting them be natural, whatever that is for them at that particular time, while gently, or sometimes aggressively, persuading them to emote some sort of expression. A few favorite emotions I try to evoke are: vacant or numb, dazed or distracted, asleep or dead, content and peaceful, strong and proud.

I search for magic light and the surreal in the mundane. I look at photography as a piece of me. Without it I would not be the same, nor would the way I look at the world or life in general. It’s taught me too many things to list and is probably my best friend.

Some pictures are created in close collaboration with an artist;
My friend Michael

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